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Now is the era where people give lot of importance to their appearance. Teeth and smile being the first to be noticed their importance in the general population has also increased. A beautiful smile always highligtens the face value of a person. It encompasses both white as well as pink aesthetics. Thus it is essential that there..

It encompasses both white as well as pink aesthetics. Thus it is essential that there is harmony between the teeth and the surrounding gums. This speciality dentist leaves no stone unturned to give a beautiful and healthy smile to the people. They are like skilled sculptors who recreate a master piece every time they work.

A) Tooth Bonding

What is tooth bonding? 2017-07-24T13:18:54+00:00

Any restoration that is permanently attached to the tooth by an adhesive or bonding agent to make it look natural, appealing and attractive is called tooth bonding. It is generally done in front teeth to create an ideal smile.

When is it required? 2017-07-24T13:17:48+00:00

Tooth bonding is performed in cases where the front tooth is broken, decayed, has gaps, malformed, not of normal size or discoloured.

How does tooth bonding take place? 2017-07-24T13:15:38+00:00

This process is very fast yet it involves precision and high level skill. It starts with application of rubber dam which is a device that isolates the tooth in question and prevents moisture contamination from saliva during the treatment process. Depending on the depth of decay local anaesthesia can be given to numb the tooth. After that the decay is removed with the help of a bur. The prepared area is roughened with the help of a mild acid so that the material has better locking with the tooth. After acid application, a bonding agent is applied on the tooth. This helps the tooth and the restorative material to bond well. This agent is treated with ultraviolet light for it to harden. After this the tooth coloured restorative material is filled layer wise in the cavity and treated with ultraviolet light to harden it. Once the complete restoration is done final finishing and polishing of the filling is done with the help of a polishing bur. The whole procedure is performed by our cosmetic dentist Dr. Parth Desai under a MICROSCOPE which enhances the visibility many folds increasing the survival and aesthetic rate of the tooth in question.

What is direct bonding? 2017-07-24T13:11:04+00:00

Direct bonding means that the material is directly applied on the tooth in increments till the tooth achieves its form. It is mostly performed by tooth colored fillings to treat a broken tooth.

What is indirect bonding/adhesive bonding? 2017-07-29T14:29:58+00:00

Incase when a crown, inlay, onlay, veneer etc. are to be placed on the tooth; adhesive bonding is used to stick these materials on the tooth. These restorations are fabricated outside in a lab and then luted on the tooth surface.

What are the advantages & disadvantages of bonding? 2017-07-24T13:13:36+00:00

Tooth bonding is the best way to repair any tooth as it is less time consuming, is cheap and it can give the patients back their pearly whites and their self confidence.

On the other hand it has less shelf life as it can wear off very fast, it can discolour and the patient has to get the teeth restored again in 2-3 years. Hence they cannot be considered the best choice for smile designing or improving cosmetics.

Precautions to take after tooth bonding. 2017-07-26T14:32:38+00:00

As this procedure has to be repeated periodically certain points have to be kept in mind. The patient should reduce the intake of coloured beverages as it can influence the colour of the restoration. Patient should be careful as to not bite on any hard substance by the teeth restored. Patients may feel some amount of sensitivity for first 2-3 days which will reduce with time.

B) Veneers & Laminates

In the modern world much emphasis is placed on cosmetics and aesthetics. An attractive smile can go a long way in enhancing ones self-confidence and acceptance in this society. Now-a-days no one wants to have a bad set of teeth or unattractive smile especially the young generation. For them an advanced dental restoration has been introduced called “Veneer/Laminate”. It falls into the category of cosmetic dentistry and we here at V4U dental Care and Implant Centre can restore the teeth with utmost perfection to get that beautiful smile back without people even having the slightest idea that you have got a dental treatment performed. Others will fall in love with the wonderful perfect smile that is created by us.

What is a veneer/laminate? 2017-07-24T13:36:23+00:00

It is a sheet of porcelain that is fabricated which covers only the front surface of the teeth that are seen when a person smiles. They are of two types:- direct and indirect.

In which teeth is veneer/laminate deemed necessary? 2017-07-24T13:35:00+00:00

This treatment can be carried out in various conditions. It can be performed on teeth with worn out outer surfaces, increased wear and tear, abnormal spacing, incorrect position, discolouration, teeth with cracks or fractures and teeth with multiple fillings to name a few.

How is the tooth prepared for a veneer/laminate? 2017-07-24T13:33:23+00:00

Preparation of veneers is a very intricate and skilful process. But, our cosmetic dental surgeon can perform this procedure taking minute details into consideration. Generally veneers are made for all front teeth when smile designing is concerned. This is a minimally invasive procedure where a very thin amount of tooth structure is removed from the front surface of the teeth. It is so minute that it is not visible to lay persons at all. The tooth may not be smooth till the veneer is fabricated and placed. Facial morphology, extent of smile, adjacent tooth colour, speech and exposure of teeth while smiling and talking are the factors that are considered while preparing the tooth for a veneer. After the preparation shade matching is done which is confirmed by the patient in natural and artificial light.

After the preparation of the tooth is complete, an impression of the prepared tooth is taken and a mould is prepared. This mould is sent to the lab for fabrication of the veneer along with the mentioned colour.

How is the veneer placed on the tooth? 2017-07-24T13:31:45+00:00

Once the veneer has come from the lab, first it is placed on the tooth and shown to the patient. Only after the patient is fully satisfied with the colour and fit of the veneer is it fitted on the tooth. The area is cleaned and chemicals are used to treat the tooth so that the bond between the tooth and veneer becomes strong. After minor adjustments if required the veneer is bonded with the tooth by self curing cement or one that is hardened by UV light. The patient is recalled after a week for check up.

What are the advantages of veneers? 2017-07-24T13:30:34+00:00

In the ever evolving field of dentistry veneers are one of the most minimally prepared restorations. Thus it conserves maximum tooth structure. Also it looks exactly like adjacent teeth and can camouflage with the surrounding giving a perfect natural hue to the teeth. It enhances ones smile and boosts a person’s self confidence quotient.

What are the types of veneers? 2017-07-24T13:29:01+00:00

Basically they are of two types: partial where only the part of the front surface in question is filled with a dental composite. Other is full veneer where the whole front surface of the tooth is prepared and a sent to the lab. Recently introduced veneers are called Lumineers, Vivaneers, Durathin veneers or “no preparation” veneers. Theses veneers are used when very mild discoloration is present where the tooth is prepared only on the outer surface of tooth namely enamel. Otherwise they can be used when the patient wants to enhance an already attractive smile.

Post treatment instructions. 2017-07-24T13:26:33+00:00

As these restorations are mainly for cosmetic purposes few points are to be kept in mind. If the patient clenches the teeth at anytime then a mouth guard is prepared for the patient and the patient is advised to wear it during the night. This reduces the load on the delicate restorations. Also the patient is told to refrain from biting on hard substances that can fracture or crack the veneer.

C) Tooth coloured restorations

Earlier silver amalgam restorations or gold fillings were done on posterior/back teeth as they had high strength. As these restorations were of metal colour they were prominently visible whenever the patient opened their mouths. Due to the understanding of mercury hazard now we have entered the era of “NO MERCURY TOXICITY” and thus now-a-days tooth coloured restorations are in vogue.

What are fillings/restorations? 2017-07-24T13:46:42+00:00

When a tooth is affected by caries then the dentist would remove the affected part of the tooth by a drilling machine until healthy tooth structure is left. Then the lost tooth is restored back to its original shape and form with the help of restorative materials or fillings that provide a better cleansing surface for the patient.

What are tooth coloured fillings? 2017-07-24T13:45:53+00:00

These fillings are of the same colour as the tooth, hence they can camouflage very well with the surrounding teeth giving a natural hue to the tooth. Thus the eye catching metallic colour of other restorations is avoided and no one knows about your cavities except you and your dentist!!!

What are the different types of tooth coloured fillings? 2017-07-24T13:44:56+00:00

They are direct restorations like composite resin fillings or glass ionomer fillings and indirect restorations like porcelain crowns.

Composite fillings are tooth coloured resins that are generally used to restore front teeth. Recently high strength composites have come into play that can be used to restore back teeth. These restorations are so similar to the tooth colour that no one can differentiate between natural tooth and fillings. The tooth is prepared and these composites are applied in layers into the cavity where they are hardened with the help of a special ultraviolet light. After that a new layer is added and the same procedure is repeated again till the whole cavity is filled. The well versed team of dentists in our clinic will restore your tooth in no time without pain and make it look as your natural tooth with the help of their expertise and the knack of selecting the shade that matches your teeth exactly.

Glass ionomer (GIC) fillings are basically used in children where their life is short as the primary teeth will fall off. Also in children the fillings generally go below the gingiva and in such conditions the GIC fillings are of choice as they do not irritate the gingiva. Also they contain fluoride which helps to prevent further decay in the tooth. As the strength of GIC is not so good they are not advised in adults.

Porcelain restorations are fabricated in a lab where the impression of the cavity is sent with the help of a mould. The lab technicians prepare the restoration and it is fitted back in the patient’s mouth with the help of cement. These restorations have high strength and can be used in large cavities especially in posterior teeth.

What are the cautions? 2017-07-24T13:43:45+00:00

As they are tooth coloured materials sometimes patient cannot distinguish between restoration and tooth. These restorations should not be given lot of force while biting or chewing.

D) Tooth whitening

The newer generations pay a lot of attention to beauty and what more is important than that beautiful pearly white teeth that shine while smiling!!! Lot of people want that shine in their teeth and thus they opt for procedures that can enhance the colour of their teeth. Thus tooth whitening has fast come into the field for the want of attractive teeth colour. Come to our clinic V4U Dental Care & Implant Centre to get those shiny teeth that sparkle like diamonds.

What is the difference between tooth whitening and bleaching? 2017-07-24T14:28:20+00:00

Tooth whitening means get the original colour of your tooth back by removing dirt and debris from the tooth surface. Whereas, tooth bleaching is a procedure where the tooth is treated with chemicals to lighten its shade one or two tones from the original colour. But recently both words are used interchangeably in dentistry.

What are the causes of tooth discolouration? 2017-07-24T14:27:04+00:00

The teeth can get discoloured due to various reasons throughout the life as they are subjected to a lot of unfavourable environments in the mouth. They start from minor reasons like unhygienic condition of the mouth to serious reasons like some underlying diseases or use of antibiotics. Now let’s enumerate the causes as follows:

1. Dirt and debris on tooth surface
2. Due to ageing as the outer surface called enamel wears out with age and the inner yellowish dentin colour is reflected
3. Consumption of hot and cold beverages like tea, coffee, soft drinks
4. Smoking or use of any type of products containing tobacco
5. Use of antibiotics like tetracycline when young at the time of eruption of permanent teeth 6.Consumption of water with high levels of fluorine
7. Conditions where enamel is eroded to cause the yellow dentin to get reflected from below like acid regurgitation, intake of more acidic substances like citrus fruits, colas, vinegar, wines
8. Genes also play an important part as some people have yellow colour of teeth naturally from birth
9. By trauma where the tooth acquires cracks and dirt gets accumulated in these cracks to give a discoloured look
10. Habits like unintentional grinding of teeth also cause micro fractures in teeth that darken with time and give a discoloured appearance
11. Long-term usage of antiplaque agents like chlorhexidine mouthwashes also cause discolouration

What are the types of discolouration? 2017-07-24T14:23:48+00:00

They are of two types:

Intrinsic stains: these stains are present from within the tooth and are present from birth. Examples are stains caused by use of antibiotics like tetracycline in your tooth forming years. They can be caused due to excess intake of fluoride, due to trauma or aging also. They appear as uniform lines of light/dark brown colour on all teeth. Earlier these types of stains were difficult to be removed as they were present from birth. But with the advances in whitening protocols even these stains can be treated to a high level of satisfaction now.

Extrinsic stains: these stains are the ones that are acquired through time due to long standing usage of coloured beverages, food products, tobacco or debris on tooth surface. These stains can be removed by prophylactic scaling or by tooth bleaching.

At V4U Dental Care & Implant Centre our dentists would carefully diagnose your cause of staining and then give you an elaborate treatment plan with precise cause oriented treatment to get those pearly whites that make an everlasting impression on other peoples mind.

What are the ways to whiten the teeth? 2017-07-25T14:53:49+00:00

There are three ways:

1.In-office bleaching- in this procedure the dental team will first take an impression of all the teeth present in your mouth and make a tray that fits only your teeth. On the second appointment our professional dentist will first apply a barrier on your gums to protect them from the chemicals. After that, the chemical which is mostly peroxide gel is placed on the tray and the patient is told to place it in the mouth and bite on it. This procedure is carried out for various minutes depending on the severity of discolouration. Sometimes the patients have to come for several sittings to lighten the stains.

Another way is called “Laser bleaching or Power bleaching”. This procedure is performed in a single visit only. Here, the patients’ gums are protected from the chemical by applying a barrier. After that, the chemical is painted on the teeth and then a light/laser is applied to the chemical to activate it. This light hastens the procedure and it brightens the teeth 3-4 shades lighter.

2.Professionally dispensed home bleaching kits- when the discolouration is severe sometimes after professional application the dentist dispenses low concentration of peroxide gel and gives the patient. The patient can use this gel with custom made trays provided by the dentist. The duration of gel application is longer here as the concentration of peroxide is low. This procedure can be used for touch ups when the earlier treatment has already been performed by the dentist.

3.Over-the-counter home bleaching kits- these kits I)are available in pharmacy shops and they contain very low concentration of peroxide gel with universal trays. As they are not custom made mostly only front teeth are whitened. This procedure can be carried out in minor discolouration cases only.

Are there any side-effects of bleaching? 2017-07-24T14:20:24+00:00

This is basically a chemical treatment done on the teeth. Thus it can cause sensitivity of teeth due to intake of cold or acidic food and beverages. This can be more in patients with gum problems and micro cracks in teeth. Sometimes a white line is seen on the gums but it disappears after few days. If the patient has any crowns or other restorations they do not get affected by bleaching and thus can give unattractive appearance.

Precautions to be kept in mind 2017-07-24T14:19:04+00:00

Patients are encouraged to reduce their intake of coloured beverages, food products and quit smoking. Stringent oral hygiene procedures have to be followed. Patient is informed that the complete colour change is seen after a week. So in case of any restorations to be performed, they should be carried out after a week of bleaching.

E) Tooth Contouring/reshaping (Shaving off the teeth)

The eye is an organ that can see even minute changes and what is more disastrous if it’s present in one’s smile!! Sometimes small changes can also make a big difference. It is likely said that surprises generally come in small packages. Similarly small, minuscule changes in teeth can also enhance ones smile tremendously. Here tooth contouring comes into play which is a very safe, immediate and cheap option to make ones smile attractive.

Who is the right candidate for tooth contouring? 2017-07-24T14:38:43+00:00

People who have few dents or pointy edges on their teeth are the ideal candidates for contouring. It can be performed on patients who have slanted teeth edges or little misaligned teeth. These subtle defects can mar your smile to a huge extent and thus though very trivial but their correction is required. Generally this can be done by non-invasive and instantaneous treatments like tooth contouring. If you want to get rid of such small irritating features in your teeth kindly contact us at V4U Dental Care & Implant Centre for a immediate makeover of your smile.

What is tooth contouring actually? 2017-07-29T09:51:58+00:00

Tooth reshaping or contouring is a cosmetic procedure which involves removal or small amount of outer surface of tooth called enamel with the help of bur to either smoothen a pointy edge, rounden a sharp margin or straighten a crooked edge of front teeth that attract the eyes first and give an unaesthetic look. A few cuts here and there can work wonders for your smile!!! Along with it tooth bonding or tooth bleaching have to be carried out to rejuvenate that flashy smile.

How is the procedure performed? 2017-07-24T14:35:59+00:00

Once you have decided to get rid of these tiny defects from your pearly whites, feel free to contact us and book an appointment at V4U Dental Care & Implant Centre. On your arrival our cosmetic dental surgeon will first do a complete check-up of all your teeth. He will come to a diagnosis and based on the etiology would explain to you the whole treatment plan. Few dental X-rays have to be taken prior to contouring just to check that the tooth in question is caries free with sufficient bone support. After that the irregularities are reduced with the help of an abrasive bur or strip and the tooth is made of harmonious shape as that of the surrounding teeth. On completion of the procedure the teeth are polished to smoothen any rough surfaces left and to give a shine to the teeth. This procedure is generally performed on upper incisors and canines.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure? 2017-07-24T14:34:31+00:00

This procedure is less time consuming, pocket friendly in comparison to veneers, non-invasive as no anaesthesia has to be given and safe. In mild mal-aligned teeth it can offer a fast and less painful solution than braces. But on the contrary it does not give a unrealistic whiter change to your teeth. Sometimes if a lot of trimming is required than the tooth can become sensitive as much of the outer layer is removed. In some cases the tooth can become weak and susceptible to fracture too. Thus it is very important for the dentist to diagnose whether contouring can be performed on the tooth in question or not. At V4U Dental Care & Implant Centre prompt correct decisions backed with reasons are taken so as no time is wasted to get your smile back.

F) Smile designing for spaces

Do you have gaps in your front teeth that you dislike? Do you hesitate to smile with an open heart? Are you searching for a solution? Then this procedure is apt for you. Book an appointment to get the dazzling smile back that will mesmerize all. Our team of dentists at V4U Dental Care & Implant Centre will first do a thorough check up of all your teeth. After that they will diagnose the reason for the spacing in your teeth and accordingly will treat you for a permanent result.

There are a variety of treatment options available like veneers, crowns, tooth coloured fillings or minor orthodontic treatment to close gaps between teeth. Now based on the etiology in your case the treatment protocol will be explained to you. And then behold the transformation of your smile…

G) Full mouth rehabilitation

Do you miss your pearly whites.. Do you feel to get your teeth back and smile again without any tension? Are there many dental complications that you have to take care of??? Then don’t wait… book an appointment with us to get a complete makeover of your teeth.

What is full mouth rehabilitation? 2017-07-24T14:53:54+00:00

When there are a lot of dental problems, there could be many side effects to the remaining teeth like upper teeth coming down, movement of teeth in gaps, sharp edges, rotated teeth etc. When all teeth have to be taken care of to restore function of oral cavity, it is called full mouth rehabilitation.

In which conditions do you need full mouth rehabilitation? 2017-07-24T14:51:46+00:00

It is required where generalized reduced height of all teeth has occurred due to wear and tear caused by grinding of teeth (bruxism). Rehabilitation is required in teeth with lot of decay, teeth having fractures or cracks due to trauma or improper bite, pathological migration of teeth or their misalignment.

Which treatments constitute rehabilitation? 2017-07-24T14:50:18+00:00

Rehabilitation encompasses all treatments possible like fillings, veneers, implants, crowns or bridges, smile designing, correcting crooked teeth. Basically it involves all cosmetic enhancing treatments at one go. This needs a full proof treatment protocol from the beginning. We at V4U Dental Care & Implant Centre will be instrumental in achieving that dazzling smile along with establishing the function back. Your smile and self confidence will instantaneously get a huge boost which is going to be a memorable moment for us, as we thrive to make the impossible possible..

H) Tooth jewellery (add a bling to that smile)

Ornaments are considered to be a woman’s best friend!!! Same trend is catching up in dental jewellery too. To stay in sync with fashion lot of youngsters are opting for tooth jewellery. Though this new trend looks easy it requires precision and skill. Our team of dentists are excellent at conservative way in enhancing the beauty of teeth by adorning them with jewels.

These jewels are placed on upper front teeth, mostly without removing any tooth structure by merely using a tooth coloured glue to stick them. There are available in various shapes, sizes and colours with/without glitters. The best thing is that they can be removed or changed when you want to. So book and appointment with us at V4U Dental Care & Implant Centre and indulge yourself in using these jewels to make your smile a MILLION Dollar Smile!!!

I) Treatment of Gummy Smile

Are you tired of your bunny smile which shows a lot of your gums… then we at V4U Dental Care & Implant Centre are at your disposal to relieve you from this unnecessary entity spoiling your smile. This treatment can be very tricky as it has multifactorial etiologies. But fear not, our team will skillfully find its correct cause and remove the hindrance with ease to regain a flashy smile.

What are possible causes of gummy smile? 2017-07-24T15:04:28+00:00

This gummy smile menace is due to a lot of things. It can be due to short and stiff upper lip that has restricted movement which shows a lot of unwanted gums. It can also be due to short teeth where gums are covering the crowns of the teeth giving more gummy appearance. Sometimes abnormal placement and movement of upper jaw can also cause gummy smile.

What are the possible treatments? 2017-07-24T15:02:58+00:00

After our team decides the etiology of your gummy smile there is a wide array of treatments available. They range from minor gingival reshaping to upper jaw lifting surgery along with braces. Also altering the upper lip can be done either by repositioning the lip a little lower or by using botox fillers to make the lip fuller. All these treatments have to be performed by a specialist who knows the intricacies of the procedure. And who can be more reliable than us to enhance the most important aspect of your beauty – “the smile”.

J) Smile Sculpting/makeover

Dentists are considered doctors as well as artists as they deal with the oral cavity and smile that influences a person’s identity completely. Best sculptors are always made by skilful hands, powerful imaginary minds and peaceful hearts. Our specialist dental team is an intoxicating combination of all these qualities. Come and book an appointment at V4U Dental Care & Implant Centre to get yourself the best smile that you will always be proud to flaunt…

What does smile makeover mean? 2017-07-24T15:18:00+00:00

Sometimes there are a lot of discrepancies in teeth and gums which may hamper the beauty of the smile. A complete smile makeover means to pay attention to even the smallest intricacies of the teeth and surrounding gums. Every tooth has a degree of alignment in the mouth with its optimal level of gingiva covering it. These entities are treated separately but their impact is as a whole. So, even the minute correction can make a huge difference in ones smile.

Procedures encompassing smile makeover 2017-07-26T14:19:25+00:00

To start with teeth: Aligning the teeth in a beautiful curve, removing any stains or unwanted colours, contouring the teeth to their original shape, closing any unwanted gaps and replacing any lost or hopelessly broken teeth are some procedures performed to correct the hard tissue defects. Now teeth alone will not make any smile vivacious, so here the role of the surrounding gums is pivotal. The pink tissue gives the extra edge to the pearly smile. Hence, gum reshaping, reducing the gum colour to pink from dark brown, removing any black triangles between teeth, improving the elasticity of lips, treating receding gums are the treatments done to get a healthy gingiva to surround the tooth.

How long would the smile makeover last? 2017-07-24T15:19:12+00:00

Smile sculpturing is a permanent procedure. But as everything requires maintenance even our very own smile would require regular check-ups. Based on the amount of work done to improve the smile your dentist would tell you to come for regular follow-ups. During these appointments they will check for any tar accumulation on your teeth, any stains, or any micro fractures that have occurred. Thus recall visits are more important than the procedure itself to keep the infectious smile from getting dampened.

K) Gum reshaping

Your smile is something a person notices from a long distance also. An ideal smile is the confluence of both teeth and gums. Sometimes even though you have a perfect set of white teeth, small discrepancies in the gums can lead to an unaesthetic appearance of your smile. This can occur in cases where the gum margins are receded, more bulky or not aligned properly. If you are encountering such problems visit us at V4U Dental Care & Implant Centre to get these gums into proper shape in harmony to your teeth; and this can be done by various simple procedures in gum reshaping.

What are the causes of gum discrepancy? 2017-07-24T15:28:44+00:00

Gums can recede due to pyorrhoea, trauma, faulty tooth brushing or due to professional hazards. Excess gums can result due to some systemic drugs, inflammation, conditions like pregnancy and genetic disorders. Certain gum discrepancies are normal where gingiva of central and lateral teeth is not at same level, but these intricacies are best known by our dental team. Pathological discrepancies could be due to mal-aligned teeth, over eruption of some teeth or failure in retraction of gums after eruption of permanent teeth. These conditions have to be treated and for them gum reshaping is the easiest and best option.

What are the benefits? 2017-07-24T15:27:42+00:00

Gum reshaping is a simple procedure but has immense advantages. It provides perfect alignment of gums and teeth from where brushing is possible, physiologic contour can reduce plaque accumulation. It corrects the tooth:gum ratio which is considered perfect. This procedure is the most effective treatment with minimal risks and post-op complications and last but not the least, it boosts your self confidence.

What are the various methods to reshape gums? 2017-07-29T13:59:01+00:00

Certain discrepancies can be eliminated by just cutting the extra gums (Gingivectomy). Sometimes the tooth crown only has to be made bigger called crown lengthening and sometimes the lost gums have to be filled by various surgical procedures where extra gums are added to the site from other parts of the mouth.

L) Depigmentation of gums/ gum bleaching (Cure for coloured gums)

Some people have very dark colour of their gums which gives a very unpleasant appearance. This colour can be from birth or acquired also. The process that removes this unsightly colour from the gums is called depigmentation.

Causes of dark gums? 2017-07-24T15:37:39+00:00

Dark gums can be from birth. But they can be acquired by continuous smoking, drug allergy or metal intoxication.

How is the procedure done? 2017-07-29T09:37:51+00:00

If you wish to get nice pink gums to enhance your pearly whites then book an appointment with us at V4U Dental Care & Implant Centre. Our Periodontist Dr. Khushboo Desai will look into the etiology of your dark gums. She would explain to you the cause of dark gums and also explain the best way to treat them.

The process involves removal of the outer layer of the gums which contains the colour. This can be performed either by blade, burs or laser. In both cases local anaesthesia is applied so that no discomfort is caused to the patient. Care should be taken not to remove the gums completely as that can cause recession of gums. Our specialist is an expert in such intricate procedures and she performs them with full concentration so a not a mm extra of your gums are removed.

After the procedure you will be ready to face the world with bright pink gums that enhances your beauty many folds.

Is this procedure permanent? 2017-07-29T09:38:30+00:00

This procedure has to be performed at time intervals incase if the gum colour is dark from birth. The pink colour is present for around 6 months after which the gums can start getting dark tint again. This is due to the formation of pigment forming cells in the body.

But as this process is very easy and no complication is present it can be performed on regular intervals to keep your gums pink in colour.