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The field of dentistry is evolving every minute. The dental implants are the most recent and advanced technologies available to replace missing teeth. They have the strength more than any material as they are made from metal and can camouflage the replaced tooth in mouth by giving a natural tooth like illusion.

Incase case you are missing any tooth and are unable to perform your activities with confidence; you wish to flaunt your radiant smile and live life with zeal then without any hesitation book an appointment at V4U Dental Care & Implant Centre to get a check up done. Here our implantologist Dr. Khushboo Desai will evaluate your problem and give you an opportunity to get the smile back in no time.

What are dental implants? 2017-07-25T15:13:48+00:00

Dental implant is a small screw made of inert metal called titanium placed in the jaw bone in the region of the tooth root. It provides anchorage to the restoration on top where the artificial crown, bridge or denture will be placed.

Ideal candidates 2017-07-14T06:20:42+00:00
  • Ideal candidates are any person missing a tooth or teeth, those who require additional support in a long span bridge or full mouth denture can take the advantage of this high end treatment.

Contraindications 2017-07-14T06:19:46+00:00
  • People with uncontrolled systemic diseases like diabetes or hypertension, heavy smokers and people who consume regular alcohol, patients with severe bruxism are relatively contraindicated to place implants. Also patients who are undergoing radiotherapy should refrain from placing implants till their treatment is over.

Advantages 2017-07-25T15:16:52+00:00

This cutting edge technology has a lot of advantages which cannot be overlooked and thus, implants have become the main stay of dentistry in this era.

  • Improves appearance: It maintains the normal tone of facial muscles and thus gives a “face lift” to the sagging cheeks and lips due to loss of teeth.

  • Improved speech & comfort: when dentures are used they can cause slurring of speech if the vertical height is not corrected properly. But, in this scenario the teeth directly emerge from bone then there is no question of loose dentures and slurred speech. Also as they emerge from jaw bone they are more comfortable as compared to dentures – Ease in eating and chewing: sometimes the dentures can lift while biting causing anxiety and discomfort to the patient. But, as implants are anchored to the bone below they do not move and the whole eating experience becomes pleasant like relieving the older days without lost teeth.

  • Increased self esteem & confidence: As the implants emerge directly from the jaw bone it looks and feels like natural teeth. This reduces the anxiety of the patients as they do not get loose or move as in the case of dentures. Thus, the overall experience is pleasant and the patient is at peace which increases the confidence by many folds.

  • Efficient oral hygiene: As the implants are lone standing and do not get clubbed with other teeth the oral hygiene procedures can be performed easily. The efficiency of the patient increases enhancing long term oral health of the other teeth left intact.

  • Durability: Implants are made of solid metal anchored to jaw bone. Hence, the shelf life of implants is very long if thorough oral hygiene is carried out. Sometimes with recall maintenance implants can stay in the mouth for the whole life without any fuss!!

  • Effective stress distribution: The implants simulate natural teeth and thus they are very effective in transfering the chewing forces equally to the jaw bone.

  • Conservative treatment protocol: As placement of implants do not involve cutting or trimming adjacent teeth it is the most conservative way to replace missing teeth. Thus, by doing so it increases the longitivity of the adjacent intact teeth too.

Disadvantages 2017-07-14T06:14:11+00:00
  • There are very few glitches in placing implants, the foremost being that they are expensive as compared to any dental treatment. Sometimes the crown placed on implant can get loose. In severe cases the fusion of implant to bone does not take place and the implant has to be removed from the mouth. Other bothering point can be that after placing implant in bone there is a waiting period of 3-6 months in placing the crown. But the dentists are using advanced technology to reduce this time span if the replacement has to be done in front teeth.

Types of implant restorations 2017-07-29T13:24:36+00:00

There are single implants, multiple implants, implant supported over dentures or bridges.

An implant can replace a single tooth and help keep the jaw healthy by continuous stimulation similar to that of a natural tooth root.

To replace multiple teeth in a standard bridge, the supporting teeth are reduced to hold the bridge. Implants can privide more strength without harming the healthy teeth.

In some cases, an entire arch of teath may need to be replaced. Many people choose dentures as a more affordable choice, but they can become loose and wear down the remaining jaw bone.

Procedure of placing implants 2017-07-29T10:19:42+00:00

  • Once you have decided to avail this exclusive treatment, our implantologist would first evaluate your oral cavity. A thorough clinical examination would be carried out wherein any factor reducing the success of this treatment would be eliminated. An x-ray would be asked for to get the exact idea of bone quality, height and width. Full mouth scaling would be performed to remove all tartar and debris from the mouth.

  • Once the bone quality is evaluated under local anaesthesia the gums are elevated. Sequential drilling is carried out in the bone with continuous flow of coolant or water so that the bone is not heated or harmed. After the drilling is complete, the implant is removed from its sterile bottle and placed in the space created. Primary stability is checked and then the gums are closed back with the help of sutures. After the procedure is complete the patient is given all the necessary instructions to take care of. Recall visit is scheduled after a week for suture removal.

  • Following the placement of implant sufficient time is given to it for healing and fusing with the surrounding bone. The patient is recalled after 3-6 months and with radiographic evidence of fused bone to implant the crown is placed. For crown placement also utmost care is taken to select the shade of the crown which should be similar to adjacent teeth. This provides a natural emerging profile where one cannot distinguish the artificial from the natural. After that the dentist will take the impression of your implant attachment and send it to the lab along with the selected shade for crown placement. It takes around 3-5 days for fabrication of the crown. On its arrival the aesthetic crown is cemented to the implant attachment. This marks the end of the treatment but the start of any amazing experience like never before.

  • Regular checkups are scheduled and optimum oral hygiene has to be maintained for long term success of the implant.

What is a single implant? 2017-07-29T13:25:37+00:00

  • In cases where patients have only one tooth missing this procedure comes to the rescue. It is the most conservative mode of treatment as it does not cause any harm to adjacent natural teeth for replacement of the missing tooth. Thus people mostly opt for this procedure as it gives a natural appearance to your restored tooth. What more do you want than to get a restoration which is very similar to your lost tooth..

What are multiple implants? 2017-07-29T13:30:01+00:00

  • Incases where a patient is missing more than one tooth also this procedure can be performed. The implants act as teeth and you can get 3-4 missing teeth replaced by just two implants. The best thing is that you do not have to disturb the adjacent teeth to get your missing teeth replaced. This procedure is the best option available to patients who are missing their nice set of teeth. You can get your missing teeth back and how… no one will distinguish between the artificial and the original teeth. So book an appointment with us at V4U Dental Care & Implant Centre at the earliest to get back your missing teeth and enjoy life to the fullest..

What is implant supported dentures? 2017-07-29T13:27:25+00:00

  • Earlier elders had to manage with removable dentures when all their teeth were lost. These dentures had to be removed during nights and their maintenance was very difficult. Apart from this, there were chances that the dentures could dislodge while speaking or eating. This could cause discomfort to many patients.. But, with the advent of implants now this nightmare of removable dentures is almost extinct.

  • If you want to get rid of your troublesome removable dentures book an appointment with us at V4U Dental Care & Implant Centre. Once here, our implantologist Dr. Khushboo Desai would thoroughly check your bone support and ask for X-rays. After that patient centric treatment plan will be made by her and explained to you. With the help of only 8 implants you can get all your teeth fixed to the jaw bone and then gone are the days you had to clean your removable denture every night and keep it safely. Now you will get full set of teeth fixed to your jaw just like your natural teeth were. This set can be removed also but by the dentist. You just have to relax and let our implantologist work on you to give you the most amazing set of fixed teeth which are hassled free and give the impression of natural teeth. We bet you would start reliving the days of your youth where you could use your natural teeth without any concern.

  • So, come and get your fixed dentures and relive the life to the fullest!!!