It is a disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts during sleep due to obstructed upper airways. People with large tongues and obese people are at risk of obstructive sleep apnoea. Large tongue has indentations of the teeth on the sides and large tonsils can also obstruct airway. Severe cases of apnea are linked to cardiovascular disorder, depression, memory loss etc. Hence, a dentist who checks the mouth more accurately tend to diagnose enlarged tonsils and tongue more easily and then refer the patient to a physician.


Very good, incredibly helpful and well performed. Never felt distressed or uncomfirtable.
Jyoti Shukla

I had my first filling in many year.All went well! This people are gental and kind.I would recommend V4 U DENTAL CLINIC to anyone.

Hemal Shah

I felt homely like treatment and a great effort from your side to prevent by tooth. Thanks doctor

Jyoti Dhaval Patel

V4U is an excellent clinic for treatment of all kinds of dental related problems. The doctors give good and timely advice. Me and my family are fully satisfied with the treatment. More importantly, their charges are very reasonable.

Pervez, Sofiya & family, satellite road, Ahmedabad

I visited V4U Dental Clinic for removal of my left lower and upper wisdom teeth. What i saw really surprised me. Two young but very experienced doctors have set up a clinic with all the required latest equipments. My teeths were removed without me actually feeling the pain of it. Post removal treatment from them was also good. Will definitely recommend V4U to friends and relatives.

Nainesh Dave


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We most pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and our outstanding patient service that makes the patients we serve feel like family.

We tirelessly work to provide you a comfortable environment, so that your experience at our clinic leaves a positive impression on your mind.

We will always provide you with an itemised breakdown of your treatment plan prior to any treatments carried out.

We use updated and recent equipment’s like NuVar MICROSCOPE, PORTABLE X-RAY machine, ELECTRONIC X-RAYS and most.