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It is rightly said that “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”. We recognize patients at high risk for caries/decay, gum disease and give them preventive treatment to decrease their chances of acquiring the above problems.

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It encompasses both white as well as pink aesthetics. Thus it is essential that there is harmony between the teeth and the surrounding gums. This speciality dentist leaves no stone unturned to give a beautiful and healthy smile to the people. They are..

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Now is the era where people give lot of importance to their appearance. Teeth and smile being the first to be noticed their importance in the general population has also increased. A beautiful smile always highligtens the face value of a person. It encompasses both white as well as pink aesthetics. Thus it is essential that there..

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The field of dentistry is evolving every minute. The dental implants are the most recent and advanced technologies available to replace missing teeth. They have the strength more than any material as they are made from metal and can camouflage the replaced tooth in mouth by giving a natural tooth like illusion.

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This specialist deals with the pink factor of the smile namely gums and lips. They make sure that the pearly whites are well supported by the classy pink for the dynamic smile. These specialists are also concerned with the treatment of cosmetic treatment of gums and placing dental implants. They make sure that..

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Do you have any missing teeth that prevent you from performing daily activities like chewing, talking or smiling with open heat?? Missing teeth can create a negative impression not only on yourself but others also. It refrains you from enjoying life to the fullest; one cannot laugh with a open heart thinking..

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Oral surgery is a branch of dentistry which deals with the complex structures of head, neck and face. A specialist in this branch can treat the mouth as well as the jaws and face. This dentist performs dentoalveolar surgeries like removal of impacted teeth, extraction of multiple teeth in medically compromised patients.

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This particular branch is called “orthodontics”. It deals with movement of teeth in natural position. They are the people who try to align our teeth from the start incase of any mishap. Earlier this treatment was meant for growing teens and children but now even adults want to get their crooked teeth right!!

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The world is changing and so is the awareness amongst people for dental procedures. Childhood is a platform where the seeds of knowledge are sowed. This is a very critical phase in one’s life. A lot of myths regarding ones fears arise at this time. Thus the child needs to have a very positive and enriching dental experience..

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It is often referred as endo treatment in short. It is generally related to tooth decay that has extended to the blood supply of the tooth called “The Pulp”. If the pulp is infected then the infection can travel to the surrounding tissues leading to abscess formation which causes severe pain in the tooth. At this point only root canal treatment can bail the tooth out of disaster.

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