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Gingival Depigmentation

Depigmentation or reducing the brown colour of gingiva done with laser…read more


The thick muscle called frenum was moving the front teeth and causing…read more


The patient complained of mobile front teeth. Complete cleaning of teeth…read more

Treatment of Sensitivity

The patient complained of sensitivity on intake of cold water…read more

Restoration Of Fractured

The patient complained of a broken front tooth due to which she could…read more

Restoration Of Fractured

An old patient complained of a chip off front tooth and wanted…read more

Bleaching Of Teeth

The patient had a wedding to attend and wanted his disco…read more

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Dr. Parth Desai
Dr. Parth DesaiM.D.S. Endodontia
He is a specialist in Root Canal Treatment & Smile Designing.
Dr. Khushboo Desai
Dr. Khushboo DesaiM.D.S. Periodontia
She is a specialist in gum surgery and implants.
Panel Dentists
Panel DentistsV4U Dental Care
We have a team of well experienced dentists of other specialities..

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Adult Braces

Can adults wear braces??? Is this question disturbing you if you want to align your teeth at an older age??? Well the answer is YES YOU CAN WEAR BRACES when an adult...


Very good, incredibly helpful and well performed. Never felt distressed or uncomfirtable.
Jyoti Shukla

I had my first filling in many year.All went well! This people are gental and kind.I would recommend V4 U DENTAL CLINIC to anyone.

Hemal Shah

I felt homely like treatment and a great effort from your side to prevent by tooth. Thanks doctor

Jyoti Dhaval Patel

V4U is an excellent clinic for treatment of all kinds of dental related problems. The doctors give good and timely advice. Me and my family are fully satisfied with the treatment. More importantly, their charges are very reasonable.

Pervez, Sofiya & family, satellite road, Ahmedabad

I visited V4U Dental Clinic for removal of my left lower and upper wisdom teeth. What i saw really surprised me. Two young but very experienced doctors have set up a clinic with all the required latest equipments. My teeths were removed without me actually feeling the pain of it. Post removal treatment from them was also good. Will definitely recommend V4U to friends and relatives.

Nainesh Dave